What Are the Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in The World?

A luxurious automobile, in the most basic sense, is one that comes equipped with more than the bare minimum of equipment. However, there are many cars that have good features but are not considered luxury vehicles. This is due to the fact that luxury is more than just a set of attributes. It’s also about the driving experience when it comes to luxury. Luxury car and SUV designers incorporate features and enhancements that work together to provide a unique experience of driving.

Manufacturing a luxurious car that has quality with a brand isn’t easy; they must provide exceptional comfort in both the front and rear seats, a super smooth ride, fantastic engine performance and finesse, and plenty of performance — and they must also function as better symbols of power than most four-wheeled vehicles.

In recent years, luxury car brands have come a long way. Technology is more accessible than ever before, making luxury automobiles more accessible. People may want to look for the most affordable European cars for sale in Wellington, so car companies have made their automobiles in a way that makes them full of quality and affordability. Which luxury automobile companies are now at the top of the new car sales list? Here are the top brands of luxurious vehicles that you need to look out for.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is almost universally associated with luxury. Mercedes-Benz, like BMW, offers a large line-up of cars and SUVs to choose from. The S-Class and SL are timeless models, while the new crossovers and smaller SUVs are appealing and dependable. The furnishings are top-of-the-line, and the vehicles’ aesthetics are sure to impress. Mercedes-Benz also has a few new performance-oriented automobiles, such as the AMG-GT, that have been well-received.

Tesla is another high-end automotive brand that will make news in 2021. It’s fashionable, and it’s still one of the world’s most valuable automakers. The minimalist and sleek inside of Tesla’s 2021 Model S is currently the hot new thing. The innovations that have been developed so far are intended to make Teslas safer, more powerful, more comfortable, and cost-effective than traditional automobiles.

BMW is one brand that sticks out for commuters in particular; the German company is known for its sleek, attractive, and elevated saloon vehicles, which are popular with business people all over the world. This comes as no surprise, as anyone who has driven or ridden in a BMW will tell you that their vehicles are of the best quality and suitable for long drives.

Audi has a devoted following all throughout the world, and for valid reasons. Audi manufactures some of the world’s highest-quality vehicles, all of which are packed with cutting-edge technology. Additionally, they produce some of the most attractive vehicles on the road. Audi also competes directly with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, among other luxury brands. As a result, their pricing has been modified to outcompete the competition.

The luxury you’ll discover when driving a Volvo sedan or SUV is anything but basic. Volvo focuses on providing exceptional comfort, innovative technology, cutting-edge safety features, and power in all of its vehicles, resulting in a pleasant driving experience. Volvo achieves an upscale degree of comfort by employing premium materials and a human-centric design that includes plenty of legroom for all passengers and a user-friendly layout for the driver.

No matter how bad the road surface is, the Porsche automobile is worth its salt, and makes you feel like you’re driving on air. The Porsche luxury vehicles soak up all the bumps and flaws in the road surface like sponges, providing a silky-smooth ride for all passengers. A Porsche will always be a city car, irrespective of its level of luxury, and the Panamera and Cayenne give the kind of input and response you’d expect from the builder of some of the world’s top sports cars.

Driving a well-built BMW or Volvo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sure, these cars aren’t constructed for 0-60 times, lap records, or top speeds, but there’s enough to admire about them, and that’s why car dealers in Wellington make it their priority to provide the best-branded cars that scream luxury with style.

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Important Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

It is very important to consider all of your options before you make a purchase because the seemingly perfect house that looks good to an inexperienced eye can end up being very expensive, or even completely uninhabitable. This is why getting a pre-purchase inspection report in Sydney is so vital before you make a decision.

Here are some important tips for first-time home buyers:

Location is key – Make sure there is plenty of public transportation and access to groceries stores, shopping malls and schools nearby. If it doesn’t feel like a nice place to live then it may not be the right place for you; don’t forget it will take time away from your day just commuting over there every single day no matter how close it may be, so try and find something as central as possible.

Don’t get too caught up in curb appeal – This means getting swept away with things such as fancy carvings on walls or furniture. These things are often added after the renovation and can be very expensive without any real value to them.

Get inspections done on every aspect of the property before making a decision, this includes all electrical appliances as well as plumbing work.

Check that there is no mould or water damage in the house; it’s something most people wouldn’t even notice but over time could lead to serious health issues for you and your family members.

Make sure you don’t buy “too much” home – Only purchase what is necessary.

Know your budget – Knowing how much of a budget you have to spend on your new home is a very important aspect of first-time home buying. This will help you decide whether you can go for an outright purchase or need to get a loan. If you do need to get a loan, it will also help you decide about how much you can pay each month in terms of repayment. Most importantly, do not borrow more than what you can afford to pay back in future.

You should also think about your living expenses and how much of the budget will be used on that while considering home affordability. Do not try to borrow money from friends or family members because it could give rise to unnecessary complications like having to repay them with interest rates which is something you want to avoid altogether if possible. While looking for homes make sure there are no other loans attached to the property such as previous mortgages etc because this makes things even more challenging later when trying to sell off the house (if necessary).

Research neighbourhoods and schools in the area – Know about the neighbourhood you intend moving into before making any final decisions. Research on this information will help you decide if the neighbourhood is suitable for your family.

Find a real estate agent who has experience with first-time home buyers – There are thousands of real estate agents out there and it is important that you find one who has experience in selling homes to first-time home buyers. This will help you find the best offer and get your property at a good price without much hassle.

When searching for a real estate agent, also consider the pre-purchase inspection reports in Sydney you will need to get on the property before deciding, and find a good, well experienced inspector or company to do the inspections for you.

Some of the inspections you will need to get done include:

Home or Building inspections.
Electrical inspection.
Gas line inspection.
Water test for lead and mould.
Pest inspections or termite house inspections.
Radon testing.
Asbestos inspections.
Make sure you get home inspections done by a professional inspector. This will ensure that there are no major damages to the property which you might not be able to see with your naked eye.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start looking at houses – If you are thinking of getting a mortgage, you should get pre-approved for it before you start looking at houses. This way if it turns out that the house is more than what you can afford, then you will know how to proceed further and won’t be disappointed when your dream home doesn’t come in within budget and you have to keep looking.

Consider renting instead of buying – Sometimes renting a property may be a better option if you are not sure about making such an investment yet. It may help to know what it is like living in a property before actually going ahead and purchasing one of your own which can save money, time and potential problems for yourself down the line.

Make sure there is plenty of storage space – You should make sure that any new home has enough storage space as this will be useful no matter how big or small the house is. You never know when you might need some extra cupboard room so finding somewhere with lots available could be vital. This applies particularly to those who have families too as they may quickly fill up all spaces otherwise. You don’t want children’s toys filling up hallways after all do you?

Be prepared to make compromises – It is not always possible to get what you want when purchasing property, but it is important to be realistic about the homes that are available within your price range and desired location.

Home buyers should be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that is buying a home. Many first-time homebuyers are unprepared to deal with all of their emotions during this process, but by planning ahead and understanding what they’re getting themselves into before signing on the dotted line, can make things much easier.

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How Does Business Intelligence Help in Superior Financial Performance

For every business, financial management is vital and for the same entrepreneurs hire a team of skilled professionals. However, this does not seem sufficient, and many are now leveraging technology to do the same. It is no secret that if financial management is done right, there will be an improvement in the overall financial performance. Now the question arises the way business intelligence (BI) manages to do the same. Let’s find out the same. Yes, it does it by offering detailed cash flow insights by analyzing their financial data. It gives a complete status of the cash flow by presenting them via charts, graphs, etc. This, in turn, helps the key decision-makers to make smarter business decisions. Decisions that can prove vital for improving productivity and eventually the financial performance.

Types of cash flow

Business intelligence tools analyzes all three types of cash flows effortlessly so that entrepreneurs can know well about their financial health. These cash flows are as follows:

Cash flow from operating activities (CFO)

This represents the cash that a business receives from its regular and ongoing business activities. For example, cash flow by manufacturing and selling those manufactured goods to its customers or providing a service. However, this cash flow from operating activities does not include the amount of cash invested in the business, salaries of employees, or building rent. Its focus always lies on the core business. In short, it is the net cash obtained through its operating activities.

Cash Flow from investing activities(CFI)

This represents the cash obtained from activities related to investment. For example, purchase of physical assets, sale of securities, or an investment in the same. It sometimes happens that there is negative CFI due to huge or long–term investment in research and development (R&D). However, in such a scenario, it does not signify poor financial health.

Cash flow from financing activities

This represents the amount of cash that a business receives from issuance of equity and debt, payment of dividends, debt or equity repayment, and so on.

If a business has surplus cash, it is assumed that it is operating in a safe zone. When BI provides such insights about the cash flow, entrepreneurs get adequate help to develop a detailed understanding of the steps that they should take to maintain a consistent flow of sufficient cash. They have prior knowledge of the liquidity of their business. In short, the financial performance never gets compromised with such insights. Sound financial decisions are taken based on these insights that help in superior financial performance and business growth.

Without BI, entrepreneurs have to spend hours reading and analysis of their cash flow statements. Most of the time, such financial reports are made in Microsoft Excel with several rows and columns from which it becomes tough to identify meaningful data insights. With business intelligence, such things don’t happen. Moreover, there are now several tools powered by business intelligence at an affordable price which has encouraged their widespread adoption by entrepreneurs to improve their financial performance.

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Web Marketing Services: A Must for Increased Website Profits

The internet has changed the way companies do business and the way consumers shop. The internet allows entrepreneurs to market their goods and services to people all around the world 24 hours a day. The ease of online transactions means more profits for businesses. Business owners have recognized this benefit to web marketing and have brought their goods and services to the internet hoping to create, or increase, their online presence.

Business owners use the internet for a number of different reasons such as reaching a target audience, promoting a new product, informing customers about new services or discounts, and for selling products. Internet marketing is one of the least expensive and yet most effective ways to reach a large audience. In order to reach that large audience you need more traffic coming to your website and when your site visitors convert to customers, your website can become more profitable.

The point of these services is to introduce a brand or promote products and services all over the internet so that people will become familiar with your company and what you do. Internet marketing services, just as traditional marketing services, come in a wide variety of options. They include social media marketing, email marketing, link building, banner ads pay per click advertising, and search engine marketing, just to name a few. Let’s look at a couple of these services:

Banner advertisements are placed on specific websites that help to target the appropriate audience for your goods and services. When a user clicks the ad it directs them to your site. Email marketing is even more direct sending information directly to the audience’s mailbox. The email newsletters or messages can be customized more specifically to target the recipient so as to grab their attention.

Most users find what they are looking for on the internet by using search engines. A website’s rank on the major search engines plays a critical role in how much traffic a website gets. One of the most effective web marketing services is search engine marketing which helps to target the desired audience by ensuring that the site is found in the top results of search engines when relevant keywords are searched.

Web marketing services allow companies to reach their targeted audience and in turn raise their website profits. A professional internet marketing company can help you create a strategy that will implement the key services that will help your web profits grow.

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Want Extra Income? And No Cold Calls, Home Parties or Hotel Meetings – Try Attraction Marketing

Generating cash flow is what it is all about. In this article I will share with you how you can position yourself as an expert in your field so only interested and qualified prospects will be asking you to speak with them. You will be able to attract them to your product or program. None of us are looking to develop a business that consistently drains cash from our already strained bank account or discretionary spending account, if there is one today.

Wouldn’t it be superb if interested, free, qualified leads were calling you to get additional information about your program, rather than you making endless cold calls to a list you’ve purchased, only to have them hang up on you, or the number not be any good in the first place.

The question really gets down to what kind of leads you are working with. The old model for internet marketing was to make a list of friends and family, better known as a warm market, and share the product with them. If you have already tried that, then I am sure you have found the warm market suddenly turns cold very quickly. You need to be careful there or you won’t have any friends left.

Don’t think I am discouraging you from presenting the product to this market for retail sales, absolutely not. If the product is as good as you have been told, then by all means you want to share the good health, good fortune or other benefit they should enjoy by purchasing the product. Just don’t depend on this group to immediately become internet marketers like you. They might never have entertained the idea of being in business for themselves, let alone, working from home.

Does the phrase attraction marketing mean anything to you?

Attraction marketing in the simplest terms is the art of providing an offer of training or valuable information that will cause a prospect to be attracted to you and want to learn more about who you are and how a relationship can benefit them.

I suggest you will want to seek an attraction marketing system that will walk a trainee through the step-by-step process of developing their own web site that will attract qualified and interested parties. Make sure you get the opportunity to test drive their training before making a selection. The system you ultimately select should provide an in depth training program that will teach you how to set yourself apart as an expert in the field you are marketing to. The training should be designed to enable you to develop unique offers of value to your prospects, thereby building a list and developing a meaningful relationship with the prospect, well before making a product presentation.

You will want to make sure the training program assures the opportunity to develop a relationship with the individual conducting the training or a coach who can take your calls when you get stuck and walk you through the trouble spots. There are a lot of training programs out there that are very good but many do not provide the direct contact opportunity for the trainee to get a question answered when they get stumped on something and believe me one does.

The best training will be 24 by 7 with regularly scheduled weekly webinars to interact directly in question and answer sessions with the trainer and other individuals who have successfully mastered the program. You will want to make sure you can definitely get answers to solve your own specific individual problem or concern. You don’t want to have to fill out a special e-mail form to be submitted and wait for a response, you want to make sure you can get answers that are live and to the point, keeping you moving forward on your marketing program.

Picture yourself answering 20 to 30 calls a week from qualified interested parties who really want to hear more about your specific program. You can plan your call backs, have your scripts organized and enjoy the pleasure of dealing with people who called you directly. Quite an improvement from the wrong numbers, unanswered or not returned phone calls from your cold call campaign, right:

That is what attraction marketing is all about and anyone can make it work, regardless of the skills they may have when they enter the program if they are just a little bit computer and internet savvy.

If you are one of those who have tried about everything possible in internet/network marketing and still haven’t found the key, I hope you will investigate how attraction marketing can work for you.

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Article Marketing Strategies – How to Send Traffic to Your Website

Traffic. You either hate or love it. Well that depends on where you are. If you’re on the freeway or highway, then it’s something that you can definitely do without. If you’re on the internet highway, then it’s a different story. All the more so if you have a website. You would definitely want to direct traffic to it. As the saying goes, the more the merrier.

So now the question is how do you direct traffic to your site. The most obvious answer to that is that you need to advertise. You have an option to either pay for the advertisements or you can find a way to advertise for FREE. One of these ways is through article marketing.

What is article marketing? Article marketing is basically writing an article on your topic and then submitting it to an article directory website. Once the article directory website reviews and approves your article, they will publish the copy. You are also given a resource box which contains information about you and your website. It is in this resource box that will provide a link to your website, thus improving your SEO efforts.

Key Points. Some key points you should consider when writing an article:

1. Your article should be original, contain the keywords for your topic and should be useful.

2. You should write about topics that you cover on your website but ideally a unique content is required.

3. Your article should be in the range of 400-500 words.

Are there any disadvantages of Article Marketing? Firstly it’s time consuming. You need to write the article and then submit it to article directories. Secondly you need to come up with a topic to write about. This however, can be overcome by simply writing about what you know best.

How do I overcome these challenges? There are many article submitter services. These however come at a reasonable cost but it saves you a lot of time. The other challenge of writing articles can also be solved by outsourcing the job. You can get someone to write an article for you at a very low price. You can search for these on Google.

So there you have it, article marketing is just one of the many ways that you can get laser targeted and free traffic to your website. There are some challenges but these can be easily overcome with the suggestions given.

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Email Marketing ROI For Small Business

Online Marketing, especially email marketing, will increase a Small Business’ bottom line more than by traditional means. Beginning an email marketing campaign is the first step towards freeing up company or organizational resources that may be under utilized by other types of marketing such as: direct mail campaigns, print, radio and television advertising. Even if resources are not being dedicated to these types of marketing, small and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs will want to embark upon an email campaign – because it’s so cost-effective and the Return on Investment is high if it is done properly.

Traditional Marketing Versus Email Marketing
Let’s face it: marketing of any type can be expensive. ROI is not always guaranteed and it can be hard to measure. For example, the traditional return on investment from direct mail and print advertising is 1-3%. Essentially, if a company invests $100,000 per year in one of these methods, the sales department can expect to bring in $1,000-3,000 per year. This is an enormous cost for marketing that is quickly becoming outmoded and outdated. Is it worth it?

The answer depends upon how much money company stakeholders want to spend in marketing. Today, many companies and organizations are interested in conserving resources and getting more mileage from their marketing investments.

By comparison, an investment in email marketing will yield far better results. The Direct Marketing Association just released an economic impact study on the ROI of email marketing, “Commercial email returned a whopping $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009.” Statistically, Email marketing ROI is outperforming traditional types of marketing.

Segmented Email Marketing Campaigns Yield Better Results
A return on investment can be driven even higher with proper market segmentation and expansion of an email list. Targeted lists tend to bring in more ROI because customers and prospects are either familiar with the brand or are already searching to buy a specific product or service. Chances of closing sales on this type of prospect are much greater — and often involve a commitment of less time and money.

How an Email Campaign Can Help Search Engine Marketing
Email marketing campaigns have additional benefits to a company or organization’s bottom line. Targeted email campaigns can also increase website traffic. The purpose of email marketing is to either inspire a client or prospect to buy (or contact the sales department immediately), or to drive traffic through a website where an individual may become more familiar with the brand. Prospects and customers that visit a website via an email campaign are better informed about products, services and specials and are likely to become return visitors and loyal clients who want to build a relationship with the company or organization.

Three Steps to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
There are many facets to beginning and continuing a professional email campaign that is effective. First, a company or organizational leader must select the right email service provider, because a large volume of emails cannot usually be sent via most email addresses without being ‘flagged.’ Some examples of email platforms include Vertical Response and Constant Contact. Second, a targeted email list must be compiled and converted into the proper format for the email service provider website or software. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the content for a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly email campaign must be in sync with other marketing strategies, and created and executed on a regular basis.

Online Marketing for Small Business Should Include an Email Campaign
If emails received from any company are to remain ‘in-box worthy’ then the information must be interesting and offer relevant information to the intended audience. Email marketing is similar to other online marketing methods because there must be a steady stream of generation of new, interesting content for it to be a success and generate real ROI. Without proper strategy and execution, an email campaign might just fall flat and not produce the results anticipated.

In the beginning of the Internet’s popularity, when email marketing was in its infancy, not much was known about the ROI of email campaigns. There was very little written about effective Email campaign methodology and measurement of ROI. Now, email marketing has become a type of science, with most Web analytics programs providing accurate measurement of results. Small businesses marketing online benefit greatly by hiring a consultant or expert in email marketing to formulate, execute, and measure the results of Email campaigns.

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Why Text Message Marketing Works – A Review of the Stats

Text message marketing is the most engaging marketing tool for small businesses. Recent data shows that 95% of text messages are read within the first five minutes. This statistic alone tells business owners that text message marketing is a more effective and low cost means of promoting your business.

Here are some reasons why:

Cellphones are the most common accessory. Google says 91% of the population has a cell phone. In other words, not many people leave home without this pseudo appendage. This level of saturation ensures customers. In other words, customers don’t leave home without their cell phone. This saturation ensures that your customers may get your message sooner than email or social media.

Consumers are spending more time on mobile devices. Gartner says that mobile device usage will pass PCs in just two years. Why not take advantage of a medium that’s growing in usage? Plus, you’ll be seen as forward-thinking.

B2B marketing is expected to grow 75 percent in the next three years. Marketers will increase B2B marketing spending from $26 million to $106 2014. Text messaging could be a way to break through the clutter. And, we’re seeing increased usage as a communication vehicle between businesses.

SMS marketing is cost-effective. Text marketing is similar in cost to email marketing and much less expensive (and less time consuming) than direct mail or traditional advertising.

Texting is simple and effective. SMS marketing doesn’t allow for fluff. It’s the simplest way to get to the point and still connect with customers. Plus, there’s exclusivity in text messaging – it’s one to one communication instead of one to many.

Extremely targeted. Texting allows business owners to target their marketing like no other medium. It’s simple to make the conversation relevant to only the customers it affects.

Coupons become mobile (and green). If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant and forgot to print the coupon, this one’s for you. Mobile coupons keep the deals on customer’s phones and your business top of mind.

You see an immediate impact. Instead of waiting for an ROI on your ads, direct mail or the A/B test on your email marketing, drive business today with text marketing. And you’ll see an immediate return.

Know your customers. SMS marketing allows you to pinpoint who your customers are unlike newspapers, online ads or email marketing. When you send a message you know it is going to a customer who chooses to do business with you.

Permission-based marketing. Consider text opt-ins an invitation to connect with your customers. When a customer opts in, they want to hear from you. And, that’s the most powerful marketing of all.

Text message marketing is a simple, effective way to connect with your customers and the cost is well below traditional advertising methods. If you’re interested in trying text marketing in your business, visit this link to see how it works and to sign up for a free trial.

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Are You Wasting Time and Money In Your MLM or Direct Sales Business?

Personally, I’ve been involved with MLMs for over a decade. Until I learned this foundational secret, I’ve never been able to make the businesses work. So like many of you have done in the past, or like many of your downline will do if you don’t pass this knowledge on, I abandoned the opportunity altogether. I have found that every one of those MLM opportunities start you out the same way — a brainstorming exercise.

This brainstorming exercise is to get you to think of at least 100 people that know to introduce to the business. Now this exercise usually comes with an aid that is often called a Memory Jogger. This aid has you listing close family, distant family, friends, associates, neighbors, coworkers, the guy who mows your lawn, the lady who cuts your cheese at the deli, your cable guy, the mail person… you get what I’m saying here, right? You’ve heard all of this before. Basically any and everybody you come in contact with on a regular basis.

Think Everyone Is Your Prospect? Think Again!

That is what we are taught by our uplines — “Everyone Is Your Prospect!” Everyone we meet is a potential business partner who we can mold and shape into another harassing, stranger tackling, sample & brochure toting, broke MLM Business owner. Now with this particular weapon in your arsenal, you have undoubtedly faced rejection after rejection. How much of that can one person really take? In one MLM Business that I’m involved in, they actually gave us a “100 No’s Sheet.” We are supposed to prospect people until we get 100 No’s. Can you believe that? They are essentially telling us to build a business while building a tolerance, a force field essentially, for rejection. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like hearing the word “No” nor do I want to get used to hearing it!

As a business owner, not just in MLM businesses, I believe that everyone I meet is a potential customer. This doesn’t mean that I shove my products down their throats the moment that I meet them. It simply means that I’m constantly listening to them for a way that I can improve their life, situation, health, and/or well-being with my products. I don’t even carry samples around. I simply carry business cards that list my sites, and I highlight the site and maybe write something extra on it to remind them why they have the card. Now that person can choose to use it or not. No harm no foul, I get tons of business cards for cheap.

Notice, however, that I said “potential customer,” not business partner. This is for a very good reason. A long time ago, I realized that the world is filled with Sellers, Buyers, and Haters. Sellers are the people, like you, who get it. Sellers are the people who understand that it’s important to have multiple streams of income and are the folks who will jump at the chance to hear more about your MLM Opportunity and Compensation Plan. Sellers are other business owners! Buyers are your customer base. Buyers are the people who will purchase your product because it is useful or simply because they want to support you. They will never be interested in joining your opportunity because the risks of owning their own business are just too much for them. Haters are the people you get rejected by the most often. Haters don’t want to join your MLM Business or buy your product. In fact, they will buy a similar product from someone else, a stranger even, just not from you. Why they do this is beyond me, but you’ve seen these folks. They are located in our inner circles. We consider them the closest of family and the best of friends. All they ever have for you when it comes to your business is “No.”

With everyone split into these three groups, how can it be possible that “Everyone Is Your Prospect?” The statement just simply is not true! Your upline, however, continually tells you to hit the pavement with costly samples and brochures in tow prospecting everyone you meet, compiling your rejections onto your 100 No’s Sheet as a constant reminder of how much rejection you’ve faced with little to no results. What happens when the sheet is filled up you ask? Well, they just tell you to start a new sheet. Your told that direct sales/network marketing is a numbers game and the more you prospect the more positive results you will achieve. It’s sort of like when they have you tell your party host to invite 30 people to ensure that 10 people show up.

In case you haven’t figured this out already, you have two completely unique target markets — Buyers and Sellers. Realizing that, like me, you were probably taught those “old school” methods that make you believe that everyone who buys your products will naturally share them with friends and family and then will want to join the business to get them at a discount, and/or to make some extra cash.

What Is A Target Market?

By definition, a target market is basically a group of people who are specifically interested in what you are offering. These are the folks who are most likely to buy your product and/or join your business.

Why Just The Buyers and Sellers?

Remember what I said about Buyers — they aren’t interested in owning their own business. Why is that? For many reasons: Some people love what they do for a living to pay the bills (otherwise known as a J. O. B.) and will never leave it. Some are scared to be “self-employed” and with that attitude, should never be. Some are morally against making a lot of money or feel they have enough (or too much) already. Some are completely convinced that MLM Businesses are Pyramid Schemes (even after you try to explain the difference). Lastly, some just have no ambition (or simply don’t care) and want to remain at their current level in life. The Haters, well, do I really need to remind you of where they get you? Ok, I will… A one-way, express ticket, to Frustration-ville with a quick stop at NO, NO, NO Land.

Think about what you’ve been doing to be successful in your business recruiting. Have you been wasting time and money pushing your business onto Buyers and Haters, facing constant rejection, getting your blood pressure up from frustration? You want to get your opportunity in front of the right people, your target market, the Sellers. Once you do that, you will achieve 100x the results with a quarter of the effort. All of this while avoiding frustration and rejection. We want to work smarter, not harder, right?

Copyright 2011 © Alford I-Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Tamikia Alford is the founder of Alford I-Enterprises, an Internet Retail Company. She has over a decade of experience with MLM/Direct Sales businesses and over half a decade of Internet Marketing and SEO experience. Her educational background includes a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Software Engineering.

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What Is the Difference Between SEO and Internet Marketing?

Many start-up Internet marketers are not aware what the difference between SEO and Internet marketing is. The explanation is very quick and easy though. Internet marketing is promoting products and services online. There are different ways to do that, and one of the ways is SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization. Here is a quick guide to different Internet marketing strategies and to determine if SEO is the right way for you to market online.

Internet marketing is not different from being a direct agent of a company; the only difference is that the advertising strategies are designed for online advertising. So instead of physically going out there or placing ads in local papers, Yellow Pages, radio or TV, maybe delivering leaflets and direct mail, you will have to find the same customers online. The good news is that it is much easier to find customers online than ever, as more and more consumers are searching for services and products on the Internet.

You can choose from many profitable Internet marketing strategies to promote your or other people’s products, services online. There are some paid methods like Google AdWords, other search engine listings and inclusion in some of the directories too. You can also place advertisements on other people’s websites and classified sites. But the very best and cheapest method of generating traffic that can be turned into a paying customer base in the long run is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine optimization is considered to be the most effective free traffic generation Internet marketing method. It is a little bit like a words and numbers game. If you get these two right you will be able to get the visitors to your site who are looking for just the product or service you are offering. How many more customers you will gain and how much you will be able to build up your company’s reputation are going to depend on the quality of your SEO campaign.

What Is The Basic SEO Strategies a Company Website Can use?

1. Article Marketing
One of the most effective SEO strategies is article marketing. The company does not have to create the content themselves; they can employ a freelance writer or a SEO company to create an article marketing campaign for them. Every link back to the site is going to potentially refer an interested visitor to the web page, and every link is going to increase the site’s ranking in search engines.

2. Press Releases
As with article marketing a company can get interested visitors to their site in just seconds if the SEO targeting strategy is planned well. The other advantage of press releases is that it improves credibility and public relations too, not to mention that companies can directly promote their new products to targeted readers.

3. Optimizing pages
In order to set up a profitable SEO strategy a company has to get their websites optimized for search engines. This can be a lengthy process, especially if one has no experience in keyword research, however this obstacle can be easily overcome by employing a SEO expert company to do the whole project.

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