Article Marketing Strategies – How to Send Traffic to Your Website

Traffic. You either hate or love it. Well that depends on where you are. If you’re on the freeway or highway, then it’s something that you can definitely do without. If you’re on the internet highway, then it’s a different story. All the more so if you have a website. You would definitely want to direct traffic to it. As the saying goes, the more the merrier.

So now the question is how do you direct traffic to your site. The most obvious answer to that is that you need to advertise. You have an option to either pay for the advertisements or you can find a way to advertise for FREE. One of these ways is through article marketing.

What is article marketing? Article marketing is basically writing an article on your topic and then submitting it to an article directory website. Once the article directory website reviews and approves your article, they will publish the copy. You are also given a resource box which contains information about you and your website. It is in this resource box that will provide a link to your website, thus improving your SEO efforts.

Key Points. Some key points you should consider when writing an article:

1. Your article should be original, contain the keywords for your topic and should be useful.

2. You should write about topics that you cover on your website but ideally a unique content is required.

3. Your article should be in the range of 400-500 words.

Are there any disadvantages of Article Marketing? Firstly it’s time consuming. You need to write the article and then submit it to article directories. Secondly you need to come up with a topic to write about. This however, can be overcome by simply writing about what you know best.

How do I overcome these challenges? There are many article submitter services. These however come at a reasonable cost but it saves you a lot of time. The other challenge of writing articles can also be solved by outsourcing the job. You can get someone to write an article for you at a very low price. You can search for these on Google.

So there you have it, article marketing is just one of the many ways that you can get laser targeted and free traffic to your website. There are some challenges but these can be easily overcome with the suggestions given.

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