Internet Marketing, a Modern Place to Promote Your Business

In the last ten years marketing via the internet has been going from strength to strength, as it’s evolved, also the way we do business has changed and that of the “business worlds” view of the Internet plus its possibilities for marketing and sales. The view of the consumer has also changed, as confidence has grown annually in the virtual world platform we all know as the internet.

Our appetites’ as consumers for more and more information makes it easier for businesses and companies to soft sell through subliminal advertising or more blatant targeted ad campaigns. So, what’s it all about? And what do many of the modern web marketing terms mean? Plus what internet marketing techniques can be used for the majority of businesses on a daily or monthly basis? If you are new to the world of the internet with regards promoting your business online, or you are keen to understand more about it all, here we will explore the basics of SEO and SEM, which are modern ways to promote your business as an internet marketing technique.

Probably the most banded about internet marketing term used currently is “Search Engine Optimization” (or “SEO” as it’s know in the marketing trade). Though this can mean and also be many things, normally it’s a term used for a way to tweak and/or change either page copy and / or “Meta info” or Key Words in the coding your website (usually this can be adjusted or changed by your web designer who manages your website), but in reality this is just the tip of the iceberg. SEO is generally used (& desired) to attract and raise your page ranking (or score) and search listings in searches carried out with the major search engines, predominately Google and in turn this can bring extra internet user traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal.

There are other methods of SEO that can be deployed to assist in gaining much welcomed net user traffic to your company’s website. There is also a dark side to SEO that you will need to be aware of & it’s referred to as “Black Hat SEO”. This is where the SEO operative uses cheats or techniques that are less desirable by the search engine companies like Google and could lead to your website URL being blocked or non-listed in search ranking results, which will ultimately have a negative effect on your business.

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) is another term widely referred to these days by many internet marketing companies; in essence it’s aimed towards using means and techniques to use contextual terms or phrases to achieve more relevancy regarding search engine searches and their rankings. This often achieved by link building which is used widely, not just sharing reciprocal links but also using networking or web directory websites, although many are free, but the better ones tend to be paid for links.

The best advice is, if you are not sure or new to this area of marketing; find a reputable and reliable Direct Response Advertising company to take care of the SEO, SEM and the general Internet Marketing needs for your business. Agree a budget with them and make sure you receive a monthly report and breakdown of the search results performance for the Internet marketing campaign for your website, so you can track the results.

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Benefits of Professional Search Engine Marketing

Have you deployed your business Website a long time ago, but still do not have the desired number of visitors/customers? Do you fear that your site will soon be buried under the pressure of millions of other competing sites? Remember, nobody will visit your site if you do not implement the required efforts for breaking through the horde to attract potential customers. Well, you desperately need an effective online marketing strategy whose main goal will be to increase the number of customers visiting your site. This is where professional search engine marketing arises to take your business to new prospering heights from despairing depths.

Professional search engine marketing is an Internet marketing strategy that aims at directing more users towards your site by achieving a higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and other methods. It is among the most effective kinds of marketing, which focuses on two ways to fulfill its aim: Pay per Click (PPC), paid listings, and other ways of advertising and SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) are two different methods to achieve the same goal; that is to improve the client’s online business. Between these two, the more important one is SEO that aims at ranking the website at a higher position in the SERPs. This makes sense as a majority of people finds the relevant Websites by using the SEs and using search terms. SEM uses various methods such as PPC, Article writing and submissions, and other means of Social marketing like Facebook and Twitter to market the website on the Internet.

An online business must prefer professional search engine marketing, as it skillfully determines how to make your site visible for a long term and how to identify the correct SEO and optimization strategies keeping in mind the current changes in the SEs. Further, such marketing has many benefits to you and your customers. Besides increasing the Website ranking as well as the number of customers, professional marketing connects you to your potential customers directly. This is done via social bookmarking, forums, articles and blogs.

With high ranking, your Web site becomes highly accessible to the new customers widening your market and reach. This is the most direct benefit of professional search engine marketing. It means that your online business will now fetch you more popularity, sales and profits. From the customers point of view, they can access your site anytime and from anywhere in the comfort of their home. With instant updates, few-click shopping, safe payments, other customer reviews about the products and services, and new attractive offers; your customers are sure to be even more satisfied than before. This is surely going to make them come back again whenever they need a new product or service.

Lastly, if you choose professional search engine marketing for your online business, you will benefit in terms of expenses that are surprisingly lower than the traditional marketing. Further, you obtain higher returns on your lower investments. However, you need to know that this marketing will be effective only if you hire a professional service provider.

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SEO, Marketing and the Internet – How Effective Web Design Plays a Role in Marketing Your Business

What does a web design and development company know about internet marketing?

Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. They are distinctly separate specialties but have some common ground where they overlap and a web designer has to understand this in order to design a website and SEO it properly.

Marketing is a subject that many do not understand and when it comes to the internet most businesses really don’t understand it.

Internet marketing has become a big business and a lot of companies out there have made fortunes for themselves and their clients. When marketing is done correctly it pays off in a big way. When it is done wrong it can be a huge waste of time and money.

So the question is, what is the best marketing strategy?

This depends upon many different facets of your business and is one of the hardest points to communicate to someone. Marketing is a strategy, it is not a one shot panacea. There are many things that must be done for a marketing strategy to work for your business.

Let us take an example, you have a small business or you are an entrepreneur and have a brand new product. Ok, how do you market it? First you need to find out who needs this product, who wants it? How does it benefit them? Can they afford it? Is it cost effective and does it save them time or money or handle some other concern they have?

Now you have some idea who you can market to. Great, where are those people? How do you reach them? Postcards? A targeted direct mailing? Cold Calls? Personal contact? Fliers, brochures, pamphlets, etc? Do you design and build a website?

Let’s say you do the normal type of promotion, direct mailings and maybe a TV or radio ad. For most businesses they don’t need anything else. But for someone who has a web-based business these aren’t enough. You need something that reaches the masses, you don’t have a product that is limited by your fuel tank, it can be delivered digitally or via mail. Now we’re talking about building a website that showcases what you produce.

Websites can be done for free, but there are problems inherent in this. One is that usually you are required to put up with others’ ads on your website. Another is that you are the one doing all the work. Yes, you know the ins and outs of your product but you are not a web designer or a professional writer and more importantly writing articles and content on the internet is a specialty. There are reasons why people do this for a living; it’s because they know how to. It is not just writing something down, it has to be constructed in a way that the Search Engines want it. Yes, you know what your product is and what its benefits are, but in the same way you hire an ad company to write a specific ad for your business, you need someone who knows how to write content for the web to construct your articles.

The next point is that you at least have to have basic Search Engine Optimization done on your website.

What does this consist of?

A keyword analysis and those keywords put into the content, title and tags of your website. This has to be done in a very specific manner so it doesn’t look like spam.

Getting your website listed with the search engines, search directories, business listing sites and various other sites.

Then you can get much more detailed and this is where SEO and internet marketing overlap:

Using social media to promote your website, this can be through Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets.

Writing articles about your products and getting them submitted to article submission sites.

Getting press releases about your services written by a professional writer and getting them submitted to various sites.

Writing or posting blog comments about your products and services.

Using RSS feeds to promote your site and services/products.

Making videos about your products or services and posting them on YouTube and other video sites.

What does marketing and promotion do to bring you business?

One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve seen people get confused about is believing that by doing one thing, that should be the source of new business. This is flat out wrong. What I mean by this is that you pass out business cards with your information on it, logically you’d expect that anybody who contacts you, got your business card and wants to do business with you. This is incorrect thinking. A marketing strategy and campaign is what is known as a broad shoot. You spread the word about your business and services as far and wide as possible so that when someone gets your card it reminds them that they saw your TV ad and they call you. You want that broad shoot to spread your message across as much territory as you can get. It doesn’t matter that you spend the money on one area and don’t feel you are getting a response. How do you know it isn’t supporting another one of your promotional campaigns? The fact is, you don’t. That’s why it is called a marketing strategy: it is many things working in conjunction to drive more business in so that you can expand.

Some businesses even try to track where they get their new customers from. This is pure folly really. You can ask a person where they heard about you. Usually it is the last place they heard your name, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hear it 10 other times from other sources. What they tell you is just what they remember.

Some will tell you that direct mail doesn’t work, others that cold calling is too difficult and not worth it, etc. They tell you this so that you will buy into their marketing program and for no other reason. Some will recommend what works for them, which is fine, but it doesn’t mean it will work for you. I have many friends that own their own businesses and every single one promotes differently, gets their customers in a different way and some of these business owners are in the same line of work! My point is that you have to find the strategy that works for you and working with a professional who actually knows what they are doing is the best strategy of all.

Is there anything that you are doing wrong? Well, sure, if you are in the business of selling cars and all your promotion says you repair houseboats. You can have flat out wrong promotion, but in the marketing world it is all a numbers game, the more traffic you get the more sales you’ll get. On the web, the more relevant traffic you get, the more sales you’ll have and that is the name of the game! In order to get the leads you want, you must have a website that is designed well, optimized properly and then marketed properly. You achieve this by working with a professional web designer to build a properly SEO’d website and a competent internet marketer who knows what he is doing.

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Double Your ROI With an IRA Rollover Self Directed Plan (Individual Retirement Account)

IRA rollover self directed plans are becoming increasingly popular. Especially now, because of everything that’s going on in the stock market. Whether your account value is big or small, there are ways to grow it faster than you may have ever dreamed possible. But, you may have to change the way that you “think” about investing.

We have relied on businesses to experience continued growth and stability. In order to pay dividends to their share-holders, companies must continuously earn ever increasing profits. Advisers say that long-term investments (buy and hold) are the best way to profit from the stock market, simply because most earnings are made during a very small number of days and there is no way to predict, in advance, when those days will be. Let’s look an example.

Imagine that, in 2004, someone had taken their IRA rollover self directed their new custodian to buy up $85 shares of Google stock. If the investor was smart, he sold in November of 2007, when the share values topped $741.

If the investor listened to the analysts, he would have waited to sell, because they were speculating that the value could reach $1000 per share. That never happened. By mid-January of 2008, the values fell below $600 and have yet to recover. At the time of this writing, Google closed at just $291 per share. Still higher than the initial purchase price, but if values continue to fall…well, who knows.

That’s the problem with the stock market. That is also the problem with holding stock shares for the long-term, instead of watching the market and selling, when something hits the value that you have decided to wait for. You can only make those quick decisions with IRA rollover self directed plans…and then only if you choose the right custodial company.

The right company is the one that allows you to invest in anything that is allowed under the current tax code. And, there are only a few investment types that are not allowed; antiquities and collectibles, for example.

One of the most consistently lucrative investment types is real estate. That is particularly true if you don’t want to spend hours everyday looking at stock values. Yet, there are only a few custodial companies that even allow real estate investing, unless the real estate is held in a complicated trust.

For IRA rollover self directed investing to be truly profitable, you need some education, regardless of which market you choose to dabble in. There are lots of free educational sources on the internet. You don’t really have to buy lots of books or lots of expensive software.

There are even some groups that will handle everything for you, helping you make profits, without doing any of the legwork. Generally speaking, real estate deals require time and forethought, but if you have the right team working for you, they require little effort on your part.

We are offering a real estate investment that guarantees that you will at the very least, double the ROI that you earned on traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds etc. last year, yes, you will at least double the ROI that you earned on last years investments. You may have heard of this investment already, as most of the investors are telling everyone they meet about the guaranteed ROI they are getting. I urge you to check this information out as soon as possible, it could be your path to financial freedom in your retirement.

It is worth your time to learn more about IRA rollover self directed investing and you might want to learn more about unique opportunities in the housing market, as well. Good luck! If you have two minutes to spare, please feel free to check out my website.

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Direct Sales Opportunities: Why Moms Shouldn’t Overlook Direct Sales Businesses

Each year more and more moms seek different ways to earn a living from home. However, many of them overlook direct sales opportunities, even though direct sales companies actually offer an ideal business opportunity for moms. Some people think they won’t excel as a consultant because they aren’t good with sales, some because they don’t want to bother their friends and family to buy products and some because they think they won’t make a decent living with a network marketing business. While all of these concerns are common, they shouldn’t stop moms from making a living at home.

Direct sales opportunities give moms the option to easily start a business of their own. When you sign up to become an independent consultant you pay a small fee for your consultant kit. Depending on the company you choose, the price of your kit runs from $99 to $500. Regardless of the company the startup cost is minimal when compared to other business startup costs and you get everything you need to get your business up and running. In addition to a low-cost startup, there’s no reason to worry about sales tax, registering your business or paying employees. Direct sales companies handle your taxes for you, and you can build a solid team without actually “hiring” people.

While most people believe you have to be good at sales to succeed with direct sales opportunities, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no need to cold call people, you don’t have to bug your family and friends and you don’t have to be pushy to sell a product. Most sales are done in a home-party atmosphere. The people who attend the party are already interested in your product and other than explaining how your product works and answering your customer’s questions there’s no need to “sell” them on a product. It’s true most people so start their business by turning to their family and friends to host parties, but you don’t have to. There are plenty of places to get leads. Setup a booth at a local fair or event, join groups in your area to meet new people or advertise online for customers. The options are endless.

The key to success is easy. Choose how you want to market your new business and create a clear plan you can implement to make it work. For example, if you plan to build your business online, study Internet marketing; if you plan to build your business locally, think of ways to advertise and get your name out there.

There are already moms out there making a six-figure income working from home, and you can be one of them. All you need to do is get started!

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The End All Guide To Affiliate Marketing And Making Money Online For Future Clickbank Webmasters

Firstly, know that this article is not a comprehensive “welcome to affiliate marketing” guide. I will not spend much time going over the basics, but will spotlight the actual methods you need to make money – with a bit of pertinent background to help you understand the reasons behind these methods. You beginners will find this information invaluable and stimulating. You practiced marketers will find this information accurate and refreshing, while also discovering some astonishing new ideas to employ in your everyday endeavors. So, let’s continue.

Almost everyone that makes money on the internet (even the millionaires) do so through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a means of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through his/her efforts. Compensation or commission may be made based on a certain value for each Impression (CPM), click (Pay-per- click), registrant or new customer (Pay-per-lead) or (Cost-per-Acquisition / CPA), sale (usually a percentage, Pay per sale or revenue share), or any combination of them.

In very short English; there are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs on the web featuring tens of millions of products ranging from magazine subscriptions to life insurance and every conceivable thing in between. An affiliate is essentially a salesperson whose job is to send people to a merchant’s website. When a predetermined “action” or sale is made, the affiliate is paid a commission. It’s the same as being a salesperson in retail, only online. I will teach you more about the actual application of affiliate marketing later in this chapter.

Compensation Models

Another important attribute of an affiliate program is its’ compensation model. This may have an impact on which advertisers you decide to join and how you go about promoting them. It will surely have an impact on how much money you will make. Here is a breakdown of the various compensation models that affiliate advertisers utilize.

Pay-per-impression (PPI) / Cost-per-thousand (CPM)

Cost-per-mil (mil/mille/M = Latin/Roman numeral for thousand) impressions. Publisher gets from Advertiser $x.xx amount of money for every 1000 impressions (page views/displays) of the ad. The Ad can be text , rich media, but in most cases, the ad is a banner running across the top, or down the side of a website.

Pay-per-click (PPC) / Cost-per-click (CPC)

Cost-per-click. Advertiser pays publisher $X.XX amount of money, every time a visitor (potential prospect) clicks on the advertiser’s ad; it is irrelevant (for the compensation) how often an Ad is displayed. Commission is only due when the Ad is clicked. The PPC model is used by Google AdWords, Miva and other providers. These are the ads that you see running along-side search results and many web-pages out there.

Pay-per-lead (PPL) / Cost-per-action/acquisition (CPA) / Cost-per-lead CPL)

Cost-per-action (CPA). Cost-per-Lead (CPL). Advertiser pays publisher $X.XX in commission for every visitor that was referred by the publisher to the advertiser (web site) and performs a desired action, such as filling out a form, creating an account or signing up for a newsletter. This compensation model is very popular with online services from internet service providers, cell phone providers, banks (loans, mortgages, credit cards) and subscription services.

Pay-per-sale (PPS) / Cost-per-sale (CPS)

Cost-per-sale (CPS). Advertiser pays the publisher a percentage (%) of the order amount (sale) that was created by a customer who was referred by the publisher. This model is by far the most common compensation model used by online retailers that have an affiliate program. This form of compensation is also referred to as Revenue sharing.

Pay-per-call (no abbreviation exists yet)

This is a new compensation model. No official abbreviation exists yet. Advertiser pays publisher a $X.XX commission for phone calls received from potential prospects as response to a specific publishers’ ad. Recently developed call-tracking technology allows to create a bridge between online and offline advertising. Pay-per-call advertising is still new and in its infancy.

Choosing a Model:

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to the various compensation models. This can (and should) be decisive in your selection of which affiliate program to join, but depends largely on what you are promoting and how you decide to go about promoting it. For example, the paid surveys program Survey Adventure, pays out an extremely high $4.50 per double opt-in lead (CPA). The action; signing up with the company is free, so obviously, the program converts very well, but you must provide many leads in order to make a substantial amount of money. The real money is in pay per sale programs (PPS). If you have a good product and a sound marketing plan, the money will come.

Affiliate Marketing & You

There are many other aspects, facts, advice and information that I could share with you on the subject of affiliate marketing, but we don’t want to get too far into it. So I will briefly cover a couple of subjects quickly that apply to what I feel you will actually need to know and what you will be employing in your money-making endeavors.

Web 2.0

The rise of blogging, interactive online communities, article directories, simple web sites and other new technologies and are forming the new Web 2.0. These new technologies have impacted the affiliate marketing world in a very big way. Creating a presence online used to take months as well as a number of trained professionals. Nowadays, it is quite possible for newcomers to (by themselves) “set up shop” literally overnight and with very little experience. Also, this new media allows merchants to get closer to their affiliates and improved communication between each other. What this means to you, is that you can be on your way to becoming a super affiliate master as soon as you finish this guide!

Trademark Bidding / SEO

Affiliates were among the earliest to adopt Pay-per-click advertising when the first PPC search engines. In 2000 Google launched their PPC service AdWords which is responsible for the wide spread use and acceptance of PPC as an advertising channel. Since then, a large number of advertisers have adjusted their affiliate program terms to prohibit their affiliates from bidding on those types of keywords. Though we will not go into PPC Marketing, you must understand that some trademarks, such as the term “eBay” are heavily restricted because of this.

One area that has not been hit by new restrictions is SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”. Later, I will be teaching you how to create profiles that will trick Google and other search engines into indexing them as relevant websites and list them in top search results. Sign up for AdWords and Miva. I will show how to use these later in the guide.

Why Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is driven by entrepreneurs who are working at the forefront of internet marketing. Affiliates are the first to take advantage of new emerging trends and technologies where established advertisers do not dare to be active. Affiliates take risks and “trial and error” is probably the best way to describe how affiliate marketers are operating. This is also one of the reasons why most affiliates fail and give up before they “make it” and become “super affiliates” who generate $10,000 and more in commission (not sales) per month.

You will not earn the right to call yourself an affiliate marketer overnight. You will have to work (relatively) hard and innovatively to make the kind of money that you want, but know that if you do, the rewards are very large and there for your taking. Never give up!

Affiliate Networks

Very few publishers handle their affiliate programs in house. Most affiliate programs are set up and managed by large affiliate networks. Most of my affiliate programs are set up and maintained by the affiliate network ClickBank, which is the largest affiliate network on the web. Some networks do not have qualification criteria, but most do.

The majority of this online guide will focus on marketing strategies for ClickBank affiliates, but here is a short list of the top affiliate networks that all of the professionals belong to and you should apply to.

The “Big 4″ Affiliate Networks

ClickBank connects over a hundred thousand affiliates with thousands of information product vendors offering a huge array of downloadable products, mainly eBooks. Because it is cheap and easy for merchants to join, the quality of the products provided can vary. ClickBank is also a great place to search for unexploited niches.

Commission Junction (or “CJ”) is another very popular affiliate network. CJ brings together affiliates and product vendors, but also offers physical products for its affiliates to promote. CJ has many large brand names on its site, and is very well established. It is free to sign up, but most vendors are selective of who represents them.

LinkShare features more than 600 merchants. You’ll find mostly big name and well established companies, such as Wal-Mart, Foot Locker, and Apple iTunes. Merchants are selective in representation!

Performics is a highly professional site with very well known brands. Performics’ clients include: Orchard Bank, Office Max, Activa Sports, Barnes&Noble, Fossil, and more than 200 other big name, big business advertisers. Performics is owned by DoubleClick. Armatures need not apply, but may try.

Getting Paid By The Networks

Most affiliate networks require that you reach a “payment threshold” before they will release your first payment. While the amount usually varies from network to network, exactly how they pay you is pretty much your choice. Your three choices that you have are Check via mail, Direct Deposit and PayPal. I do not like to wait for checks so I set most of my accounts to direct deposit on payday. You may set your affiliate accounts to deposit your earnings directly to the card. This saves you the week of delivery time on the checks and the two week waits for the out of state checks to clear.

PayPal is also a great option, but not all affiliate networks offer payment via PayPal. It works exactly like direct deposit. Just check your account on payday to find the money there. You may also set up a merchant (business) account like I did so that you can get a PayPal Debit card. Again, it works just like a bank. Oddly enough, when I applied for my card the interest that I was (and still do to this day) earning on my money was higher than any bank I have ever heard of. Almost up there with CDs, but that’s another story.

I like to set up my finances this way so that I always have affiliate earnings separate from the other earnings that I associate with my normal bank accounts. Also, when Uncle Sam asks me about my income at the end of the year, I don’t have to worry about gathering paystubs or the like. I can just print out my account history for two accounts. Really, how you get paid is up to you, but as far as I know, fast and free is always better.

ClickBank & CJ

ClickBank connects over a hundred thousand affiliates with thousands of information product vendors offering a huge array of downloadable products, mainly informational eBooks. Because it is cheap and easy for merchants to join, the quality of the products provided can vary. ClickBank is also a great place to search for unexploited niches.

Why ClickBank

If you are wondering what an “information product” is, you have one in your hands (or at your fingertips) right now. Information products include e-books, video tutorials, audio teleconferences, software, etc. – fundamentally anything that comes in a digital form.

To keep it simple; the first thing that you will do is sign up with ClickBank, get a free affiliate account and look for products you want to promote. Whenever you get a sale, your account is credited with your affiliate commission and checks are mailed out every two weeks (once you break the small minimum sale threshold).

The reason that ClickBank is so popular is the large commissions. Since ClickBank specializes in information products, the product vendor’s costs are minuscule and large commissions are passed on to affiliates – often as much as 50-75%. In most cases, it is far easier to make a lot of money online earning 50% of a sale than 5% of one (which is what you will get with many products on other networks such as Commission Junction and LinkShare). For these reasons, the majority of this guide will be focused on strategies for ClickBank affiliates.

ClickBank Marketplace

One section of ClickBank that you will be visiting frequently during your time as a marketer is the ClickBank Marketplace. The ClickBank marketplace lists the products that are currently being sold by publishers. Once you have found a product that you would like to promote, you simply enter your ClickBank name to receive your hop-link. This will track your sales.

When looking for a product to promote, you are going to base your decision on results of your target market criteria. You may for example, click on “money and employment” and search for “Make Money Online”, in which you will find too many results to count, but of course you can narrow that down to your target market by being more specific. Search for something like “Affiliate Marketing Beginners”. Once you have a list of potential products you will be searching for products by the following important factors:

$/Sale: The amount of money (minus refunds) that network affiliates have earned per sale in the past.

%/Sale: The percentage of profit that is paid to affiliates per sale. Most product vendors at ClickBank pay 25% to 50%. Most vendors looking to sell a lot of their products pay 75%, regardless of quality or other factors.

% Referred: The percentage of product sales that were generated by affiliates rather than the vendors own promotions.

Gravity: Gravity in short represents the popularity of a product – (the amount of affiliate sales have been made recently). Just because a product may be more popular than the other does not necessarily mean that the product is making more money for its affiliates.

The products are arranged by their popularity. You may review the above factors as well, so you can click on the product title to have a look at the “pitch page”. You may find something you like and decide to promote it as an affiliate.

What To Sell

There are a many “gurus” out there that will all tell you how to promote the most popular products on ClickBank, but the truth is that not too many of them have anything great to share. They will tell you about AdWords, article writing and scamming people into buying the highest priced products you can find, all of which will cost you quite a bit of money to get started. AdWords alone these days costs a fortune to “play” in.

Here is what I say you need to do. Don’t try to go onto ClickBank and find the highest selling products to promote. Find something that appeal to your target market. Believe me when I tell you, that you can find products on ClickBank related to anything and everything, all offering affiliates great commissions.

A great example would be the World of Warcraft player’s niche. This game has got to be the most massively multiplayer game in the world and one of the most popular. Personally; I think that it is for geeks, but many of my college friends enjoy playing it, ahem, “living it”.

When you search ClickBank for “Warcraft”, you will find quite a few good products and about four that I would consider “great”. (Update: What was a “few” products are now a few pages of them. These things must be selling.) When you search Google for “Warcraft”, you get 10,610,000 results. On the popular social network Myspace, there are more than 3124 Warcraft groups, with the top group featuring 40,000 members.

This goes to show that with a minimal amount of research into a niche with ClickBank, you cannot go wrong. I was quite literally going to save this niche for myself and use a different example for this, but then I started to feel greedy and I want this method of marketing to work for you. So, if you are the first one reading this guide, you already have a head start, but don’t be surprised to find this niche swamped soon after.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction (or “CJ”) is another very popular affiliate network. CJ brings together affiliates and product vendors, but also offers services and physical products for its affiliates to promote. CJ has many large brand names on its site, and is extremely well established. It is free to sign up with the network, but most vendors are selective of who represents them. Most often, a website with substantial targeted traffic is a requirement of vendors.

Instead of a “marketplace”, Commission Junction arranges its advertisers in its “Advertiser List” and you may only promote advertisers once you have been approved to be one of their “publishers” which is what CJ calls its affiliates. Below is a list of the paid survey advertisers that I work with. Notice how there is a “date accepted” column? This goes to show that I grew my business relationships over time.

Network Earnings: which is like ClickBank’s $/sale feature and represents the amount of money (minus refunds) that network affiliates have earned per sale in the past.

$/Action: Like ClickBank, many products on CJ offer a percentage or dollar amount that you earn per sale of a product, but with CJ you may also sort by the amount earned per lead and click (CPC and CPA).

EPC: Commission Junction also has a few different ways of representing the popularity of an advertiser. The most important of these is done by showing the “EPC” or “earnings per click” ratio which is represented by how much money is earned on average per 100 clicks. So a 7 day EPC of 24.69 which is the case of Greenfield Online means that in the last 7 days of 8.9 of the last 100 visitors to the site, have signed up with Greenfield and the referring affiliates have made money. That may not sound “great”, but in the world of affiliate marketing, it’s ok.

What To Sell

Just about all of the advertisers that I work with via Commission Junction employ the CPA compensation model. One of the most popular markets both on Commission Junction and among web-surfers right now is paid surveys. Because CJ offers the option of CPA, a great number of survey companies have signed up with them.

Commission Junction has some of the best converting free to join CPA programs on the net such as the paid surveys program Survey Adventure. It pays out an extremely high $4.50 per lead (CPA). Once again, this is a high converting program because sign up with the company is free. It may seem that $4.50 is not a very high payout. That’s true to an extent. You may have to send a good amount of traffic to this company to see great results. With CPA the desired action that you want your visitors to complete is free for them, so the profits should come quickly.

But Remember Your Target Market

At first glance, it may look like the Network Earnings should be the deciding factor in what you will promote, but I assure you, it is not. Your target market should always be the deciding factor in what you decide to promote. Because paid surveys are so popular among college students, such programs convert very well.

Once again, you really need to do just a bit of research to find out what will appeal most to your target market.

For Newbies: The Easy Way To Get Into Affiliate Marketing

I am not going to get into this on an in-depth level. I am just going to say it; and you had better remember it. The best way to make money selling ANY product or service of someone else’s is to pre-sell it and the best way to do this on the web is by creating a simple website that may consist of no more than a presales page. It is probably the simplest and most effective one webpage in any webmasters arsenal. Often in a “product review” format which has become wildly popular ever since the release of a number of short and sweet eBooks. The presales page can often take on many other formats such as customer testimonial, anti-scam and programs database page just to name a few. In the end, all of these are simply teasers of a product or products that are so effective, a visitor cannot wait to purchase the product(s) that you are promoting. I am not claiming this to be the only method of selling, just the most effective for you.

Now a great many “gurus” would like to take credit for the key components of an effective sales-page, but the methods and theories of pre-selling have been around longer than computers. It’s just a matter of bringing them to the attention of potential webmasters while teaching how to easily implement them, so, here they are, the key components of an effective website:

The Attributes of A Successful Website

Give Visitors Hope: Every single day, people buy things. If what they buy is not meant to simply keep them alive, such as food, the product that they buy is meant to improve their life in some way. They hope that buying “the next best thing” will lead them to “the next best stage” in their lives. Take you for example. You are reading this in the hopes that you may apply the methods I am showing you to make money on the internet; and this money would undoubtedly improve your life. Here’s a shocker: Why do you think I wrote it? Because I want to make money and build a name for myself by helping others make money online, thus, improving my life.

I have found “how to make money” informational products to be the best selling on the web, but there are many products that this can apply to. Even in a not so life altering sense. I recently saw a offer where users can “download a vast array of media and games ready to be played on the iPhone” and it was selling like crazy. I don’t care for the “locked” iPhone or Apple for that matter, but the thing insanely popular among the techies and status seekers. Anyway, these people are hoping that this product will give them an entertainment on the go, thus improving their commutes or whatever, and in some small way, their lives. When you create your presales page you will feed on this need for hope. If you decide to take the product review approach, tell visitors how “your” product is so much better than the others. If you go with the customer testimonial format; (which I suggest if you decide to market ProfilesToProfits), tell them how this product has changed your life and how it will do the very same for them.

Create Urgency: In my experience, both personal and professional, the average web browser has the attention span of a goldfish. To combat this problem, a great presales page must create a sense of urgency in the visitor. Let it be known that for whatever reason, the visitor must continue to stay on your page, read the entire thing and when they finish, they must buy your product because if they don’t than they are missing out on the one thing that could have changed their life forever. Did you see that? I just tied in this urgency with the first component of a successful presales page and in doing so; I have both created more hope and a more effective sense of urgency.

Many people try to do this by putting discount deadlines on their products. “Buy in the next ten minutes and blah blah….” this coming from the supposed “pros” and “gurus”. Click the back button, and then the forward button to see the same deadline. People see right through this these days. It is content that creates urgency. It is the manner in which you present your product and how you play on the many factors of an effective presales page. Once again, you must create the impression that they must buy your product because if they don’t than they are missing out on the one thing that could have changed their life forever.

Be an Authority: Appearance is everything. Whether you know anything about your product or not, you must appear to the visitor as the most informed, educated and trustworthy person regarding this product on the face of the earth. You will NEVER sell a product using the presales page format if the user feels that you do not know what you are talking about. Study up on your product, use this product yourself. Turn yourself into the one person to talk to regarding this product. If that is too much work, find somebody who knows what you ought to and pay them to help you appear as an expert. I cannot stress this enough. This may be the most important piece of the presales page puzzle. If the visitor thinks that you are and idiot or that you don’t know what you are talking about, they will not buy from you, unless of course, they are an idiot!

Optional Components

The first three components of an effective sales page/website are not optional. If you decide to build a website and you do not factor these components in, you will not make it online. You will fail. Below are a few optional components that you can add to your website. Sometimes these components will work for you, other times they will not, so think hard on whether or not implementing them will ultimately benefit your cause, or hurt it.

Appear Unbiased: This is the most effective way of gaining a visitor’s trust second only to your being an authority on the given topic. Most of the time, appearing unbiased is a tactic used by database sites. I recall a site that I went to when I first became interested in affiliate marketing (I was 16). It was a database of products to sell online. At the time, it just looked like a database. I later found that just about all of the programs listed were multi-level-marketing schemes, which means that if I signed up with one of the programs that was on this site and made a sale, the owner of the site would make money as well. No, there is nothing wrong with this. MLM is far from a scam as many like to slander. The ones who give it a bad name just suck at it.

Back to the point; If a visitor comes to your site and becomes under the impression that you “just want to help”, they are far more likely to buy from you than if have a sales pitch at every turn. Review a product or products. Set up a product database. Help people avoid internet scams (you will read more on that next). Do whatever you must to make it look like you are their helpful friend. They don’t have to know that you will be making a commission from a purchase that they make.

Strike Fear: This is another tactic that has gone mainstream since the release of “The Rich Jerk” and works best when used to promote products that belong to a saturated market, such as the “how to make money in real estate” eBook market and I have found it to be terribly overdone lately, especially by users of Google AdWords and other pay-per-click methods of promotion.

The idea here is that you are out to convince people that there will be tribulation down the road for them if they decide to go with any product besides yours. Most people who endeavor this plan have simple anti-scam websites that consist of no more than a page or two describing the horrors of a particular market. They tell visitors that there are so many scams out there that they should not sign up for any program, unless of course, the visitor signs up for the one(s) that they are promoting (which pay the largest commissions).

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Use Direct Mail List for Effective Business Communication

Marketers are becoming savvier in business dealings, improving their tools and mode of operations to cope with the highly competitive market. Internet has largely drawn a lot of marketers due to its efficiency and wider coverage. However, to stay on top of the game in the modern business world, you would need to incorporate different promotional and marketing strategies as well as marketing tools. Direct mailing system is one of the marketing solutions to reaching a wider scope of your target market.

A lot of people do not want junk mail; they will most often trash them. So, to ensure your mail does not end up in a trash bin, you will need to select the people on your mailing list carefully. Define your business; your target market and region also have a captivating headline.

Be precise and interesting to capture the reader’s attention and maintain his interest with informational benefits of the product and how it will better his life. However the information should be true and credible, avoid exaggerations and lies included in many sales pitch.

Direct mail lists will ensure effective and timely communication between you and your customers. Make it easy for customers to respond to your mail by providing your contacts, a toll free number, or website address.The success of the mailing system is measured by the response and sales generated.

Let your offer interest your prospect or customer by offering something valuable and unique to your target market. Offering a free trial period would entice new customers to try your product. Also, offer a reasonable timeline for the customer to reply.

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Direct Marketing Companies to Find a Home by Advertising on the Radio

Direct marketing companies are finding that it’s a buyer’s market and that means that advertising on the radio while always a solid option when done correctly can be better predicted in a down economy. Why? It’s a simple issue of supply and demand. When demand is low for brand advertising by car dealers and real estate companies in an ever tightening credit market, radio station operators will be looking to use their unsold inventory to maximize results for direct response radio advertising. Bonus spots, value added promotions, ID mentions, and other forms of value may be negotiated by the astute and patient buyer.

Direct response radio advertising is advertising for a particular product usually with a unique toll free number or URL to track all activity. Success is measured by the number of respondents or hopefully buyers against dollars spent. Advertising on the radio becomes more predictable when direct marketing companies can measure results and predict results before the radio advertising even begins.

Salem Communications who specializes in direct response radio advertising is gearing up for the push as they are meeting with general managers in several key markets to review this unique and powerful form of radio advertising. Because of their expertise in this field, Salem hopes to attract the lion’s share of direct marketing companies who have a product to sell and a budget to sell it with.

Advertising on the radio used to be unpredictable. In the old days, just a mention or two of the ad by a few customers left the radio advertiser assuming that the schedule was profitable. No more. Today’s direct marketing companies have arrived and they expect to be able to predict success before a commercial ever runs. In today’s uncertain economy, the safer way to advertise is with the predictable power of direct response radio advertising.

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Direct Mail and Email Marketing – Maximize Your ROI Overnight Without Alerting the Competition

Sun Tzu, the great Chinese strategist who wrote the Art of War, is still often quoted today. His timeless wisdom applies today, and goes beyond military strategy. It also has relevance in politics business and, yes, in B2B marketing.

In particular, a maxim with practical meaning to B2B marketing is: “… attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected”.

As it applies to B2B marketing it, marketers should exploit areas where competition is scarce. Position your marketing strategy for maximum effect.

With the arrival of social media and growing popularity of mobile marketing, some have predicted the end of direct mail. And some gurus say the same about email marketing.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why Direct Mail and Email Marketing Still Rank High with B2B Marketers

On their own, each channel does yeoman’s work. Let’s look at some statistics.

· 79% of B2B marketers say direct mail is effective or very effective (Marketing Sherpa)

· In 2011-12 an average of 82 % of direct mail was opened (Royal Mail)

· Direct mail activity delivered the strongest return with an ROI of $7.60

Now let’s look at some statistics about email marketing.

· 72% of B2B buyers are most likely to share useful content via email. (Earnest Agency)

· 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality. (Software Advice Survey)

· 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. (TopRankBlog)

These statistics clearly show that neither channel is dead.

A Dynamic Combination that is Greater Than The Sum of its Parts

While these statistics are compelling, when you combine these two, their effectiveness goes through the roof. Specifically, both channels combined outperform all other channels when combined with email marketing. (Royal Mail).

It delivers a synergy that simply can’t be beaten. According to a Royal Mail study, the ROI for these two channels is more than twice the ROI of affiliate marketing, $7.60 compared to $3.55 and $7.60 to $3.27 for search marketing. Nothing else comes close.

Additionally, their integration produces a unique result. They complement each other. One is strong where email is weak and email is strong where the other is weak. It’s a perfect pairing.

So as social media and mobile flood the headlines and grab attention, Sun Tzu’s advice about exploiting areas where the competition is not currently focused makes sense.

Marketing channels have changed, but fundamentals have not.

Buyers still want valuable information that helps them in finding solutions to their problems. Direct mail and email marketing do that with targeted and personalized messaging.

Both also facilitate branding as you deliver and control your message with the right content. With outstanding open rates and high ROIs and their complementary nature, these old school channels get the job done.

It May Be Time To Reassess Your Marketing Mix

Your competition’s pre-occupation with more popular, high-tech channels, affords you a timely opportunity. While your competition is diverted, why not shift your focus to a neglected area?

Now is a good time to review your marketing strategy and tactics if you want to increase your ROI in 2014.

In closing, I’ll leave you with another quote from Sun Tzu: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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Introduction To Social Media for Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM


• The professional, serial salesperson or career direct sales operator who has the ability to join ANY company he or she is sold on, learn it and build astounding success quickly. This is the “PRO.”

• The ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTOR who knows his business and has built a downline, large or small.

• The NOVICE just getting started.

What each of these people have in common is the opportunity to enhance his/her operation, his/her sales and his/her income, using social media.

Whichever YOUR type, social networking using social media -or “new media”- applied properly can greatly benefit your direct sales/network marketing/multi-level marketing (“MLM”) business.

In EACH case, social media can significantly change the trajectory of your success.

A “message” About Social Media to Each Type of Person In Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM


“If you’re that gifted, serial salesperson who does well in ANY organization you’re already armed with that special ability to lead. You’re familiar enough with the structure and principles of the direct sales/network marketing/MLM business model to enter into any situation you choose, and excel.”

“Add the use of social media to your arsenal and your income can increase exponentially.”


“Once you’ve grown your direct marketing business, have a sizable downline, and have experienced any degree of success, you have the advantage of knowing your business well.”

“Incorporating the use of social media into your established operation has added advantages that can take the foundation you’ve already established to the next level.”


“When you’re new to a network marketing company you’ve first got to learn your new business and how to grow it. Typically, there are friends, family and acquaintances to not only solicit for sales but to also announce your new opportunity and invite to join you in your business.”

“There are ongoing presentations and trainings you’re required to attend to support you in your business.”

“Social media can enhance everything about your new business from launch to legacy!”

Use New Media To Distinctly Brand Your Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM Business


~ You can…

• Build an impressive, influential brand presence.

• Showcase your group’s individual and collective success stories.

• Generate new leads; build and grow your database without leaving your house and while you’re sleep!

• Engage new prospects anywhere!

• Grow your downline nationwide (even worldwide as applicable), without physical travel!

• Automate group communication.

• Distribute customized trainings.

• Conduct virtual presentations, recorded or live!

• Invite people into your circle and to your real-world events instantly, the moment you target them, without the expense of printed fliers, postage or mailers!

• Facilitate and promote third-party endorsements, referrals and introductions!

• Analyze and track users’ behavior and your campaign progress.


While new media can and will improve your operation, your reach, influence, sales and probably everything else about your business, understand that using it builds success over time. Gains are incremental. Social tools, resources and strategies must be applied consistently over the long haul to best work for you.

What’s the “long haul” you ask? It’s the plant today, harvest tomorrow, long haul.

These are your 12 basic action-steps:

  1. Document your personal and business goals; define your mission.
  2. Establish your online profile. Personal AND business.
  3. Build initial, foundation content.
  4. Establish your primary online destination.
  5. Establish your primary “lead capture” destination.
  6. Establish social media accounts; plug in your profile; distribute your content.
  7. Maintain, update and add new social networks as necessary.
  8. Keep building fresh content; keep distributing fresh content (through your social networks).
  9. Engage with your audience as an active, visible participant; join the “conversation.”
  10. Respond to your generated leads and inquiries.
  11. Teach each current member (and each new member) of your team to perform # 1 through 12.
  12. Repeat # 7 through 12.


Because social networking is about building “personal” connections and relationships, using it consistently to be effective is indeed time-consuming. The obvious question is how does the busy, businessperson allot the time to “deal with” social networking?


• First, understand that you can no longer afford NOT to find a way to engage in social networking. At this point in the game, failure to engage puts your business credibility at risk.

• Next, realize that like anything else in your business, some of your tasks and responsibilities CAN be assigned to others. Even the “personal” ones.

• Lastly, know that using new media and social networking for business IS a specialized skill that when BEST practiced, combines marketing expertise with copywriting savvy, PLUS real-world experience within the social networks. Yes, in theory everyone CAN do this, but in reality, how well?


1. Take the time to learn social media practices for your business to do it all yourself.

2. Take the time to learn social media for your business so you can knowledgeably contribute to the crafting of your campaigns and assign others to the tasks.

3. Hire new media specialists to teach you what you need to know.

4. Hire new media specialists to totally handle the social side of your business.

5. Hire new media specialists to handle your social media AND teach you what you should know about it.


Now you have some idea about what using social or “new media” can do for your direct sales/network marketing or MLM business; you know many of the beneficial applications and you know the action-steps necessary to implement social networking practices for your business.

Most importantly, you know your exact options for establishing social media for your business and what you must now do to make it happen.

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