Why Text Message Marketing Works – A Review of the Stats

Text message marketing is the most engaging marketing tool for small businesses. Recent data shows that 95% of text messages are read within the first five minutes. This statistic alone tells business owners that text message marketing is a more effective and low cost means of promoting your business.

Here are some reasons why:

Cellphones are the most common accessory. Google says 91% of the population has a cell phone. In other words, not many people leave home without this pseudo appendage. This level of saturation ensures customers. In other words, customers don’t leave home without their cell phone. This saturation ensures that your customers may get your message sooner than email or social media.

Consumers are spending more time on mobile devices. Gartner says that mobile device usage will pass PCs in just two years. Why not take advantage of a medium that’s growing in usage? Plus, you’ll be seen as forward-thinking.

B2B marketing is expected to grow 75 percent in the next three years. Marketers will increase B2B marketing spending from $26 million to $106 2014. Text messaging could be a way to break through the clutter. And, we’re seeing increased usage as a communication vehicle between businesses.

SMS marketing is cost-effective. Text marketing is similar in cost to email marketing and much less expensive (and less time consuming) than direct mail or traditional advertising.

Texting is simple and effective. SMS marketing doesn’t allow for fluff. It’s the simplest way to get to the point and still connect with customers. Plus, there’s exclusivity in text messaging – it’s one to one communication instead of one to many.

Extremely targeted. Texting allows business owners to target their marketing like no other medium. It’s simple to make the conversation relevant to only the customers it affects.

Coupons become mobile (and green). If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant and forgot to print the coupon, this one’s for you. Mobile coupons keep the deals on customer’s phones and your business top of mind.

You see an immediate impact. Instead of waiting for an ROI on your ads, direct mail or the A/B test on your email marketing, drive business today with text marketing. And you’ll see an immediate return.

Know your customers. SMS marketing allows you to pinpoint who your customers are unlike newspapers, online ads or email marketing. When you send a message you know it is going to a customer who chooses to do business with you.

Permission-based marketing. Consider text opt-ins an invitation to connect with your customers. When a customer opts in, they want to hear from you. And, that’s the most powerful marketing of all.

Text message marketing is a simple, effective way to connect with your customers and the cost is well below traditional advertising methods. If you’re interested in trying text marketing in your business, visit this link to see how it works and to sign up for a free trial.

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